Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex edition (2JZ-GTE)

Ride in comfort and style, enjoy the legendary 2JZ-GTE Twin-Turbo engine from Toyota Supra in a much more affordable and surprisingly sporty luxury saloon-chassis. 

The Toyota Aristo was always a forgotten model outside of Japan, but is despite its automatic gearbox and luxury saloon weight; surprisingly agile and fun to drive.

We are happy to offer a very complete and authentic ”JDM-VIP” car that has been extensively serviced and checked at an attractive price. 

This car is perfect for: As the Supra continues to become unattainable and even NA-models getting expensive, the prices of the only other car to ever have the 2JZ-GTE from factory keep rising as well. 

This Toyota Aristo has some slight wear and tear, but oozes the spirit of Japanse eclectic tuning/styling. Mechanically it will be reliable as any premium Toyota and will for sure put a smile on your face every time you attend a car meet.

Surprising amounts of grunt & power when feeling the sequential twin-turbos work their way up the rev range, and as people hear it and except to see a Supra…  is a nice bonus!

  • Production year/month: 1998/March
  • History: Purchased in Sweden, several previous owners, private import from Japan (no history).
  • Mileage (km/miles): <18 9000km
  • Engine: 2JZ-GTE VVTi Twin-turbo
  • Transmission: A4 automatic

Body/Exterior: Repainted metallic black in Sweden (good result, but not professional grade repaint). Complete very rare JOB Design bodykit (front, sides and rear- Made in Japan). Front has been repaired, repainted and strengthened by ADHD Garage in Piteå. Free from serious dents, some scratches and extra work on front body parts fitment advised to look perfect. Overall good condition for daily driver. Aftermarket front and rear lights. No rust. 

Engine: Mainly stock. Factory boost. Compression test with good even results at purchase. Extensive service, fluids, air filter, many gaskets including valve cover seals changed. Fresh performance spark plugs. Turbos pull strong and gearbox shifts smoothly. Custom cat-back exhaust, rebuilt to pass Swedish inspection but still have the distinct 2JZ-GTE growl. 

Drivetrain/suspension: Aftermarket coil-overs. Recent wheel alignment, street friendly but with flush style without shredding tires. CUSCO front strut-tower bar. HICAS delete aftermarket control arms. 

Interior: Aftermarket stereo and front seat DVD screens (currently not installed). VERTEX Edition and the much desired black leather interior with grey piping. Condition good for mileage. All factory carpets available and without any damage, except for small hole in driver door trim and some typical wear on middle armrest leather. 

Wheels/Brakes: Work 19” Split wheels in chrome finish. Near new Yokohama ADVAN SP V105 performance tires (225/35R19 + 235/35R19). 

Other: Will be delivered with 1-year of paid Road Tax.

PRICE: 17 500 Euro

Financing at additional cost available. Open for trades or other negotiation with serious customers, but please respect this is a cash price offer. 

Mazda RX-7 Type-RB FD3S ”Series 8”

Well maintained and true to the original look of the RX-7 FD3S pinnacle, the Japan Domestic Market-only ”Series 8” facelift (1999 – 2002).

Live your JDM-dream and keep it like it is, with no hassle: Just fuel up, do regular servicing and enjoy the authentic factory joy to drive a RX-7 like it was  delivered from factory; for many many miles and years of  pleasant memories.

Very good history from Japan and has been kept stock in engine and chassis = Reliable and will strongly maintain collectors value. 

This car is perfect for: Anyone who appreciates Mazda and the Rotary-engine at the peak of the JDM-era. The elusive Series 8 was more then just a common facelift, with new timeless and robust quality upgrades all around in engine, interior, ABS-system and exterior among many things.

  • Production year/month: 1999/April
  • History: One owner in Sweden since import (imported by Superior Imports AB, auction sheet with no accident history, Grade 3.5/B condition).
  • Mileage (km/miles): <12 500km
  • Engine: 13B-REW Twin-Turbo
  • Transmission: F5 manual from factory

Body/Exterior: Very few dents and scratches. Repainted from factor silver to white pearl in Japan. Extensive detailing and coat protection applied in Sweden by world class professional. Rear and front bumper ”splitter details” are near brand new Mazda OEM Series 8. No rust, spotless underneath. Front headlights rebuilt for Swedish roads and care-free annual inspection.

Engine: No modifications or raised boost since factory. Compression test with good results recently. 3” Stainless-steel cat-back exhaust (KAKIMOTO – Made in Japan) together with a BLITZ air filter; for a very raw, enjoyable but not annoying pure Rotary sound. Lots of regular service in oils, fluids and spark plugs. Intake manifold/Turbo-system vaccum hoses serviced and changed for new. All work done by Gzon Tuning. 

Drivetrain/suspension: Bilstein suspension all around. Recent wheel alignment, sporty ”country road setup” by Gzon Tuning. 

Interior: Aftermarket Nardi steering wheel. Aftermarket understated Kenwood stereo. Otherwise stock and complete interior with all carpets and no damaged details except for small belt handle (on drivers seat).

Wheels/Brakes: Near new VOLK TE37SL (18×9.0J ET45 5×114.3 + 18x10J ET40 5×114.3). Low mileage near new Yokohama Advan AD08R ultra performance street tires. New brake pads on all axles. 

Other: Will be delivered with fresh car inspection (Bilprovningen). Also with 1-year of paid Road Tax. 

PRICE: 35 000 Euro (+2000 with Volk Wheel & Yokohama tire setup).

Financing at additional cost available. Please contact us to discuss wheel options. 

Open for trades or other negotiation with serious customers, but please respect this is a cash price offer. 

2022: Äntligen – Nya hemsidan snart online!

Vi är stolta att meddela att vi efter några mödosamma år snart är klara med en ny, modern och förenklad hemsida för Superior Imports.

Tills dess kommer vi annonsera våra lagerbilar vi sparat till våren 2022 här, PÅ VÅR FACEBOOK och i diverse internationella kanaler.

Inga nya demobilar, men ett halvt dussin fina JDM-bilar till salu snart!

Vi är högst angelägna om att bilarna i första hand stannar i Sverige, särskilt hos riktiga entusiaster. Skriv därför en rad om du finner någon bil intressant, så kan du vara säker på att du får en rabatt på de satta listpriserna.

Önskar en trevlig vår och sommar 2022!

//Mikael A. Jarosinski, grundare Superior Imports AB.

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Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex edition (2JZ-GTE)
Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex edition (2JZ-GTE)
Mazda RX-7 Type-RB FD3S "Series 8"
Mazda RX-7 Type-RB FD3S ”Series 8”
(SÅLD!) Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi 2003 Facelift (4-dörrars Supra)
(SÅLD!) Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi 2003 Facelift (4-dörrars Supra)

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