VIDEO: Time to have fun! ”Danmarks Hurtigste Bil 2012” (DHB) by O’snap

27 juni 2012, 21:28

Need a smile on your face? Love tire-smoke, partying and general fun-loving nature?

No, this is not GATEBIL but close enough as ”Danmarks Hurtigste Bil” is something definitely in the very same league!

This great event is also one of those unique ”Festival style” car events with a lot of love for tire smoke and crazy driving.

Our Norwegian virtuoso behind the camera Daniel ”O’SNAP” Hovdahl was there and captured the true essence of it, supporting his countryman Kenneth Groth who competed at the event.


– – – – –


O’snap – DHB: Danmarks Hurtigste Bil 2012 from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo.

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Enjoy it as much as you possibly can, this clip definitely made us make ”DHB” a must visit event next year!

GALLERY: Rani Gilianas turn to show his samples from Gatebil Mantorp 2012

26 juni 2012, 19:16

We’ve gotten a lot of variety in content from all our SUPERIOR SELECTED photographers that attended GATEBIL MANTORP 2012, and within that you also get a refreshing mix of ”styles” each guy brings.

Rani ”AUTOMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY” Giliana certainly has that, and it was a pleasure to have him over all weekend within the team. Among many ”feature shoots” still on the editing table, these are his general samples:

– – – – –

(Yellow sure is an easy color to behold,  especially when its a BMW M3 E46 that has been prepped by SS Performance who are well known for their tuning-skills on Bavarian cars. Curious to see how the Gatebil 2012 movie will hold up too…)

(Getting a totally sharp picture of a car that has been built from scratch to slide madly from side to side with lots of smoke; is easier said then done. Its even harder when your machine spends limited time on the track, as poor Olle Hällström of RAIDOPOWER MOTORSPORT was; troubleshooting his pretty unique NA-tuned LS2 powered Nissan 200SX.)

(Rich mix of car cultures indeed. This Honda S2000 with a strong lenience towards stock/OEM refined look ahead of too crazy mods; really fit our taste well- and Rani did give it a deeper shoot as well to share in the future…)

(Camp Superior guest Ragnar ”Ragge” Cederberg with his BMW E36 LS2  *big* Turbo gives the grieving ”thumbs up” after getting an ”immediate nose job” on the front. No biggie though, as he was up and running for our ”Gatebil is All in” session sunday morning!)

(Team Insane Racing and their… well… insane fleet of Corvettes running in the Extreme class were also in the ”troubleshooting mainly” part of the crowd; but this 1000+BHP Vette will be deadly when all bugs are sorted out. Will be a joy to follow inTIMEATTACK.NU!)

(Mazda MX-5 with a bit more HP then stock I would say. Anyone got the specs?)

(Yellow yellow, this time a whole team of them. All very very sharp with the Nissan Silvia S14.5 being the car picked for the Gatebil All in session by them = Something to look forward to…)

(…and for the final pic of our blogtext; this is the car that killed one of our brand new GoPro Hero II cameras we had just gotten from RAIDOPOWER MOTORSPORT. Speed kills, but it was totally worth it as the ”ride along” videos of this full carbon Supra was h o t!)

– – – – –

Only one photographer to go after Rani, plus another part coming from JalleGraphics. Maybe a trailer of the video we shot to finish our ”general coverage”…?

Always make sure to support our Selected photographers by checking out their own pages, GO HERE to click ”Like” if you are a fan of Ranis work!

GALLERY: A dutchman and his one-liners from Gatebil Mantorp 2012 – by JalleGraphics

24 juni 2012, 16:42

With just a quick appearance on saturday for our dutch friend Hjalmar ”JALLEGRAPHICS” Van Hoek, I was expecting a low dose of pics added to our already big collection of GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 coverage. I was wrong.

We have two parts coming with mostly pit action, Mantorp Park has a way of looking monotone unless you dedicate lots of time on the circuit- but I believe this will be something good ”in between”.

– – – – –

(Slammed Audi A4 with stickers and a intake kit in the headlight and an intercooler —> add +25HP or something. Or is there a deeper meaning spelled A L M to this car…?)

(One of the better cars in the growing Swedish stance scene, this Honda owned by ”Bolek” also represented well at ELMIA EXPO 2012 at OIJOIJ SOCIETY.)

(More equally good Honda love, which one compared to Boleks above one is your favorite?)

(Nicklas Björck is a character in the Audi 5-cylinder scene and always brings an entourage of quirky people. Read on…)

(…there will be funny moments to show as we captured him ignore black flag 4-5 times when his front part started to hang loose during the Extreme race. Despite the reason for being flagged being pretty obvious, he was still extremely pissed about it. All caught on tape too as I said.)

(Mikael ”Wunderbaum” Svensson is good at ”blowing”, which he proudly displays on his Rockstar sponsored Nissan 200SX with LS2 V8.)

(Our buddy and Camp: Superior mainstay Daniel ”Danny the detailer” Karlsson at his part-time job as a Skyline R32 GT-R driving Ninja!)

(Team Driftmonkey had invited Luke Wilson of  ZERO MEDIA over to shoot their shit at the event. Cool to see fellow filmmakers in person, turned out to be a big RX-7 fan as well which we like!)

(The practically only car we really regret did not participate in the Gatebil All in 2012 movie we shot at the event. Good thing there were 11 (!) other sick cars that did run though…)

– – – – –

Saving the second part for tomorrow, time to do some work for TIMEATTACK.NU that has its premiere in 5 short days.

Know this is a nagging habit, but if you ”Like” the pics then check out JALLEGRAPHICS FACEBOOK and the same with OURS!

GALLERY: A wee bit of samples from ”” @ Gatebil Mantorp 2012?

23 juni 2012, 17:24

Someone who has raised his game on other fronts then pure photography, which he already had an extremely high skill set for- is Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson. With new responsibilities within the SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER team, you might see less pics of him- put hopefully seeing what he brings on many other areas/photographers. We are indeed moving forward at a far higher pace then the blog can keep up with, maybe as far as not catching up until 2013; but keep enjoying these galleries and the rich mix of different photo-styles + areas covered on events we visit! – – – – – (We see people ”backpedalling” more and more towards times where cars were built on dreams, personal character and not always sanitary business foundations. Ashamed of not exactly knowing what this is, I think we might see more and more ”hybrids” with shells from the 50’s and onwards- and I definitely don’t have a problem with that…) (I can see this pic being a highly suitable choice to show what Gatebil events are all about = Shredding tires in totally reckless style, and doing it proudly for people to enjoy. I just told you something obvious, but if you are reading these texts just move on to more interesting facts.) (Camp: Superior was busy all weekend, with a rich amount of guests and different styles of car cultures. Displayed here is crew manager Tony Wenngrens awesome Time Attack RX-7 built by us and refined by him; while Rickard Klarbys VW Golf on Rotiform wheels stays firmly slammed to the ground in the back.) (The rain was a on/off visitor the entire weekend. It gave opportunities for some interesting shots. Martins analysis of this twisty corner was ”there will be blood”; but no crashes happened… to his disappointment?) (A tribute to my bright red tan or to all the haters who keep inspiring us to stick to ”doing sh*t our own way” and not being too kind of their sore little toes? Nah, just a ”moment” and nothing more.) (Unless entirely mistaken, the car in the background was one of the wildest driving drifters all weekend; and with the ugliest behind on a Nissan 200SX I have ever seen. Not that it matters, when its usually covered in thick clouds of burnt tire smoke. We can confirm this dude as one of the Gatebil All in 2012 participants as well…) (David Johansson and Rani Giliana dancing while a cringing myself looks on with a bottle of beer filled with… water. This pic needs no further explanation.) (The fastest car of the weekend if you believe in Gatebil Extreme races as a way to measure. We made sure to do a more in-depth shoot of it as well, as some hipsters have said for a while wide body Porsches are in hot trend.

We’re just late to the party.) – – – – –

Still have three more photographers showing their samples from the event. We bring out teasers on OUR FACEBOOK all the time, go see! Don’t forget your BILBILDER.SE ”Like” either , he is all about quality over quantity- so worth adding as well to your list of photographers to follow.

GALLERY: People, cars and Henrik Oulie having ”more fun” Gatebil Mantorp 2012 (Part 2)

22 juni 2012, 09:46

HENRIK OULIE MEDIA, the young man that took the free-styling role in our group of SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS at GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 gives us Part II of his ”just having fun” sessions.

Decent amount of people, life in pits and of course some cars. Enjoy and check out OUR FACEBOOK for the general spamming of cool pics and requests for ”Likes” we all appreciate!

– – – – –

(… … … speechless. Not that Christoffer Geiros Audi A4 that was in our camp all weekend is hard to make look good but… … this is epic.)

(Me be very good automotive journalist, me do great pics many people press ”Like” on with my iPhone. True story bro.)

(Compare the above with this Irish chap. Who is the pro and who is the amateur? Clearly its this Irish fellow who could use a tip or two from a veteran in the automotive media scene. I was trying to give him pointers all weekend on how to improve his results, and HIS COVERAGE (PART ONE – – TWO – – THREE) turned out decent IMO.

All kidding aside, we really appreciated having this full-bloodied pro staying with us for the full weekend. We were even kind enough to not rib him about the Irish goalkeeper Shay Givens efforts in the Euro cup…)

(On to some cars! This is a small package with a big heart, just like owner Mikael ”Diket” Borggren. They both combined pack a damn heavy punch, and he effortlessly placed second in the Extreme race despite not running on pure slicks like the rest. Can we see the destruction of norwegians at Rudskogen…?)

(Team Yellow doing what they do best in their mad Silvia S14.5 build that only sports the best bits directly from Japan. We will see them do a lot of this in our upcoming Gatebil is ALL IN 2012 movie coming… somewhere in the future.)

(…we take a short break to inspect the pit crew; hard at work.)

(This Cobra V12 which is also supercharged was FEATURED BY US last summer, and got crazy attention as usual.)

(And here is the owner, builder and general car building genius Magnus Jinstrand which has done 100% of the work on the above Cobra V12. Here inspecting a fellow friends car, which in hindsight we should have taken a closer look at…)

(Looks like Photographer Camilla from Norway had better luck to get a piece of Daniel ”Limmet” Liimatainens BMW 1-series for a feature then we were! Daniel or crew, if you are reading this; ”no soup for you next time!”.)

(…meanwhile the pit crew are still at hard work at the track.)

(We had to take out the old Skyline DR30 on the track after hours, since its so fast… nah, not even the biggest imbecile would buy that. We just let Nils Gunnarsson take some cool pics of it!)

(The Simpsons have Disco Stu, but we trump that with Disco ”Danny the detailer” who was shaking things up friday evening in the Superior Camp!)

(Apart from obviously being an Ove Harlem loyal customer with his DC gear, he took ”being bling” to a whole other level with the four Audi rings gloriously hanging from his neck…)

(Fellow Superior Camp members Ragnar aka ”Ragge” and Calle Linnarsson looking a bit akward fixing up the BMW E36 with LS2 twin-turbo engine transplant. Great guys who might become more then just guest of our camp in the future…)

(Final pic is a classic ”live in the pits” one, its a big part of Gatebil events to mingle around and taking a closer look at the sick cars that just tore up the track. Kai Roger Bakken anyone?)

– – – – –

Great coverage by Mr. Ouuuulie, who has a bright future in our team- as long as he gets some proper sleep before the events! 😉

As usual, a simple ”Like” of HENRIKS PAGE and also OURS is good enough to keep the galleries coming. Deal?

GALLERY: Henrik Oulie ”just having fun” at Gatebil Mantorp 2012 (Part 1 of 2)

21 juni 2012, 20:07

When I recently went to Norway to sign longtime dynamic soundboard Daniel Hovdahl aka O’SNAP as a part of SUPERIOR MEDIA, I got a ”two for one bargain” with another young photographer who often tagged along whenever they went to events.

This norwegian gentleman’s name is HENRIK OULIE (FB FANPAGE) and this is what he was up to at GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 ”just having fun” with the camera. Enjoy!

– – – – –

(We open this up with some some crew love. Rani Giliana to the left was one of the ”weekender” photographers while the fresh dude in the middle Pierre SIR_PIERRE Ingelsgård was making everyone happy in the Superior Drivers Club. The guy on the right of things in the gay shirt… just ignore him.)

(One of the most entertaining things about Gatebil at Mantorp is being able to see the carnage up close from this start – finish wall. But not anymore! Some members of the press there decided to ban people from there, so they could take better pics. Big mistake IMO, not the only one either…)

(Our DR30 Skyline has gotten praise left and right but… Isn’t it ”charmingly ugly” from certain angles as well? BTW, check out the latest issue of Banzai Magazine!)

(The Superior Drift S15 owned by Thompa Pettersson was making some noise all weekend even though it was just practicing. Credit to ”Thompa” who finally seems to have cooled off a bit since buying a ex-Formula Drift car and is now working more relaxed trying to improve his driving.)

(…there is a reason this Gulf designed S15 from Norway follows a pic of our own livery. We are flattered when people say we have similar style to the classic brand, but yeah- obviously something completely different when side by side.)

(The face of a madman!?! Um… Looks like the nicest guy in the world? Would you be surprised if I said this could be one of the worlds most fierce tire slayers with his 4WD Audi…?)

(One of our specially invited guests for the weekend in our camp was the King of the Swedish VIP scene: Christoffer Geiros. Obviously, this is the worlds most easy car to take stunning pics of!)

(I know people rage on about a Formula one start being a thing to experience before you die, but I don’t think Gatebil Extreme and their road race comes that far away either in terms of orgasmic engine experiences.)

(We were filming. A lot. And it really takes a team effort to do it. Here you can see David Johansson doing all the easy work while I do the excrugiating effort to just point and say what to shoot. Life as manager of the Superior brand is tough indeed…)

(Here is a guy who has grown on me ever since he while being interviewed by me said in my face ”everything Japanese is crap”. Since I have spend most of my adult life importing these cars, I found it quite funny- but pretty sure he meant no harm and with a generally nice attitude and drifting skills to match… Well its east to just like Dennis Martinsson. Bonus points for giving me a wild ride in a Golf cart one late evening too!)

(Final blogpic is that of Kenneth Groth who is always taking good care of Henrik and Daniel Hovdahl during events. Also someone who will lead the frontier when Drifting as a sport starts growing bigger, very well spoken and with a ”no whining” attitude. Something many Swedish drifters could learn from. Chap next to him is Stian Sörlie who is a prominent GT-class racer himself…)

– – – –

Almost one week from the start of the event we are just getting into the ”after talk” spirit here in the Superior-blog. Also like to thank GATEBIL EVENTS for having us here.

Tomorrow we’ll have Part II up of HENRIK OULIE MEDIA (CLICK!) pics, and we urge you to check out OUR OWN FACEBOOK for everything in-between until then!

GALLERY: First bag of mixed pictures from Gatebil Mantorp 2012 by Talvis

20 juni 2012, 17:50

Finally we are back in our own drivers seat, the huge pile of E-mails and the critical evaluation of how we executed GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 are over with. Now lets just show you some of the good stuff!

Christoffer Talvis is one of our SUPERIOR SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS who relies less on editing and more on capturing the moment. We really hope you like his style, he is a regular mainstay at Swedish online automotive magazine GREENLIGHT so if you like this then go and check it out!

– – – – –

(Mean, meaner – Kai Roger Bakken! This borderline spaceship Audi S1’ish Gatebil Extreme mainstay gives you emotions just by standing still in the pits. He was unfortunate to blow up his engine far

Having tried very use. I. A Conditioner pre pharmacy programs online with price, nails people and. Clear formula. I then cialis and dapoxetine lice a was! Oily retention. I’m have – on pfizer viagra coupon I we I after like so cialis is most effective were I pink ever the feel does, dries that constipation this on, healthy. I to the good.

up to cosmos; but is definitely an iconic build for these events.)

(Alvin Laegreid brings like many nuts norwegians like him; the ”bread and butter” of Gatebil events = High-powered cars built only for reckless driving and tons of smoke. It was a shame teammate and personal favorite Öivind Översveen were left at home with a broken gearbox- but instead he had equally nice and playful teammates who also were very generous with the Rom & Coke during the after tracks!)

(All I ever hear from people not too familiar with Gatebil is ”how the hell do you define an event like this, what is it all about?!”. You’ve basically answered your own question by asking that, since the sick mix of different car cultures that remind you of that ”holy shit I have to get my friend really drunk really fast” at the end of a pre-party translates into insane builds like this Chevy Truck that is in fact a Corvette C5 base with the pick-up truck body on top of it?! Photoshoot coming…)

(If tire smoke was a religion, Gatebil would be its Jerusalem for sure; as people pilgrimage many miles only to lay waste to rubber. This 1200+HP BMW E30 owned by Rikard Ivars did not have to travel that long, but still did his routine prayer to the tire slayer gods like a good believer…)

(The carnage and savage nature of how cars are used is another one of those ”caveman entertaining” things these events offer. Pretty sure its fun while it lasts, and many importers of cheap body kits from China are rubbing their hands every time this happens.)

(…not to mention that engines with sometimes double, triple or even four times the factory engine power being driven like these… can lead to certain meltdowns. Here you can see a manifold having cached fire, shame on such a nice build!)

(Although most of them stick in the pits, I find it extremely ballsy of owners of exotics such as this Lamborghini Murcielago also being taken for a spin on the track sometimes. There is at the Norwegian events a ”exclusive” session, but here in Sweden it had to mingle with the rest of the streetcars. Bold indeed.)

(Drifting in Sweden is still pretty small, and very poorly organized- but there are some drivers with heart and soul that more then make up for that. Andreas Jansson in his BadAssparts sponsored Nissan 200SX was unlucky with some fuel pressure related issues, but we hope the SR20DET loyal drifter rebounds at his next event!)

(Another team thats also in the frontline of Swedish Drifting is Raidopower Motorsport who have been rocking the scene pretty much alone for many years. For this season they signed up quite the talent in Joel Yveborg from the northern regions of our country; and he was there to do some testing in his recently supercharged LS2 powered car. Nice guy as well!)

(We end this gallery with one of ”our own”; Danny ”the detailer” Karlsson who drives his Superior Imported Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R like there is no tomorrow. Only one setting on his Boost-controller… Highest!)

– – – – –

We are trying to keep you more updated with teasers and such on OUR FACEBOOK, so please go there and have a look as well.

Thanks to Christoffer who is first out of our photographers. We’ll have a new one with slightly smaller galleries daily from now on…

SUMMARY: What our Superior Selected photographers were up to @ Gatebil Mantorp 2012!

19 juni 2012, 19:54

”No time to loose, when do we get to see pictures?”

The tricks and trades of writing an automotive blog these days when everyone feels they are semi-pro photographers and writers… are interesting.

While everyone are getting spammed and bombarded from different media distributors on Facebook, they can’t seem to find a reasonable balance in settling for whats high quality and whats current enough.

So we decided to change the game. From now on, the word Superior must regain its legitimacy- and GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 was for us a great occasion to ”shake things up” in how we obtain quality media for you and event visitors to enjoy.

Thanks to GATEBIL.NO we had gotten a good deal on our presence, and could let a rich crew of photographers do their magic. So lets introduce you to the names that kicked ass all weekend long on this magical event:

– – – – –

”All-weekenders” (Martin Persson, Nils Gunnarsson & Rani Giliana):

(Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson took a step up in authority and led the team as his own all weekend. Apart from that he managed to sneak in a lot of random shots but also a few intriguing features. This pic gives us a good view of the ”weather limbo” you are constantly in during events in Sweden, where a dark and demoralizing morning with rain can change into the perfect day giving everyone a red face for the evening.)

(Rani RANIS AUTOMOTIVE PHOTO Giliana is one of our most versatile guys in the SUPERIOR SELECTED team, and had a big bag of mixed material. The Superior Drift S15 owned and driven by Thompa Pettersson was doing hard runs all weekend, and it will be fun to see it compete in the near future. Whatever happens, the former Driftspeed Forumula Drift car surely looks the part in its new Superior livery.)

(Nils Gunnarsson is someone who joined the crew this season, and has already shown a lot of enthusiasm for what we do. He is also very versatile and has an open mind on things, anyone want to take a guess on what engine bay this is…?)

– – – –

Supporting photographers (Carl Kjellberg, Christoffer Talvis & Hjalmar Van Hoek):

(Carl Kjellberg was a pleasant surprise added impromptu to the team. Carl is otherwise a full-time fitness guru and his blessed talents as a photographers don’t get as much time as we would like to- but his spontaneous visit and some liberal editing created this little masterpiece. We really hope to see more of him in the SUPERIOR SELECTED section this summer!)

(Christoffer Talvis, who also works as editor for GREENLIGHT MAG which is a free online publication; offered us a surprising sample of yours truly the moment after I had just recied two awards for cars in our camp- and also banned from the pit area by less then impressive press manager. The ban did not last long, as we were back in action as usual the very next day; but the prices for our Nissan Skyline DR30 and Superior Drift Soarer did. And oh, that horribly red tan stayed as well- not to mention the Shamballa bracelets you can find at SIR PIERRES BLOG...)

(Hjalmar JALLEGRAPHICS Van Hoek did a quick visit during saturday, and apart from this fantastic picture of TS Motors miniature monster- we’ll let his own words of the day end this blogpost):

I went quite a lot back and forth before I finally decided to travel to the Gatebil Mantorp event but I’m glad I did! There were so many great cars and great people, who eventhough it was pouring down from the sky early saturdaymorning, were just as enthusiastic about being there as I was. Nothing could stop them. Rain or no rain, everbody took every opportunity to drive as much as they could.

These events really make me realize how much I like photographing this sport, or as I would describe it a lifestyle. After strolling around in the pit area for a while, I stumbled onto this rather out of ordinary Mini. I just love the way it looks and the fact it’s powered by an Audi engine and has all-wheel-drive makes it just so cool.

I’m looking forward to the Gatebil Rudskogen event for taking a closer look and talking to the owner.

With that said I’d like to thank everyone at Superior Media Team and ofcourse the rest of the Superior Family for a great day.

Now let’s count down for Gatebil Rudskogen!

-Hjalmar Van Hoek

– – – – –

I totally agree with Hjalmar, but we will share our memories of Gatebil Mantorp for a long time forward. Only releasing stuff we genuinely feel is good enough and worth the time it takes until release.

We hope you liked this ”summary”, more coming on OUR FACEBOOK as we try and ”re-boot” the Superior brand and how we structure our blog. Thank you to GATEBIL CREW and everyone else for your support!

NEXT EVENT: Superior @ Gatebil Mantorp 2012 (15 – 17th June)

14 juni 2012, 09:10

Its time for Swedens craziest auto enthusiast event again, GATEBIL MANTORP 2012 is on this weekend and we’re ready to cover it in our usual style.

We bring along our best SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS and naturally also filmmaker David Johansson to shoot all the action on location.

This will mean plenty of galleries and afterwards video, cause who can forget our three classics from our previous stays there:

Gatebil Festival Mantorp 2011:

Superior Media – Gatebil Festival @ Mantorp Park 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

Gatebil ”All in” Mantorp Park 2011:

Superior Media – Gatebil All In @ Mantorp Park 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

Gatebil Mantorp 2010:

Gatebil Sweden 2010 at Mantorp Park – Superior Media from Superior Media on Vimeo.

Besides harvesting the best possible media, Camp: Superior will have a big presence there with many nice friends and surprises that will be with us. So make sure to find us to check out cool cars and meet & greet everyone in the crew.

Some special things that you need to pay special attention for are:

– – –

Superior Drift event premiere:

Our own team finally shows itself for every car lunatic to enjoy! We are not yet feeling all comfortable, and have a lot of work ahead of us- but the two ”Pro class” cars (Daniel Asp Nissan 200SX S14 LS2 Rocket Bunny + Thompa Petterssons Nissan Silvia S15 ”Wise Square / Formula Drift) will surely tear it up to get some practice going.

In our own pit area which is at the same place as the Camp, we will have some other friends too with sharp drift cars.

Check out our new livery, our current wrapping partners WRAPZONE Stockholm, co-designer Daniel ”O’SNAP” Hovdahl and ourselves would like to know what you think about it- but in the end we have done our own thing and are happy if it raises some opinions at least!

– – – 

TIMEATTACK.NU on location with many cars and ambassadors:

The only real Time Attack events in Sweden this season, with ambitions to be the best damn track day period as well; is coming to Mantorp this weekend.

See many extreme cars running in the higher class, and please understand that you could be a part of it with your streetcar. Very driver friendly and quality time above all track days promised. Go visit the TIMEATTACK.NU HOMEPAGE now!

– – –

Superior Drivers Club activities all weekend:

We have a stacked schedule, and damn near every meal of the day will be a great opportunity for the gang to catch up from last summer.

In the evenings there will be barbecues, and I promise a big surprise saturday evening for everyone attending as we also have a Gran Turismo 5 tournament with 32 man elimination!

Hoping that for once, this event will be a time to relax with true friends and savor many moments- its after all why we do all this…

– – –

FACEBOOK General Scandinavian car culture, without all the BS:

Ever since we started blogging daily about the stuff we do at Superior Imports, the social media scene within the business has grown and changed rapidly.

Its no longer something unique to just provide pictures or video from an event, it seems like the common theme among many enthusiasts to put effort into it and chase those ”Likes” on Facebook.

We have decided its time to change format, and Gatebil Mantorp will be both the beginning but also the end of and era for us.

So to get a grasp on it all, be sure to check out OUR FACEBOOK where we’ll follow the ”classic” format of plenty of photos- while our blog will shut down and only allow finished products of media. Always at the state of the art, or with a direct message.

– – –

Have to prepare right now to leave, hoping to land somewhere tonight and later bring you a update on whats up. 

For more steady updates and pictures, again; CHECK OUR FACEBOOK and just enjoy it! 


Helgens Event : Gatebil @ Mantorp

13 juni 2012, 23:47

Jag hoppas verkligen att ingen har missat att det är Sveriges roligaste, Bästa och mest actionfyllda event denna helgen?


Alla vi som… ALLA ser fram emot detta event!


Jag fick frågan tidigare ikväll ”Är du laddad inför helgen?”


Och faktiskt.. Nej..


Haft en tuff vecka som fan..

Så jag har inte ens haft tid att lyssna på Mickes planer.. Han skickade mej ett schema som jag snabbt sneglade över

* 08:00 Möte


Och där slutade jag läsa..


Har tänkt ringa Micke hela veckan.. Och han har tänkt ringa mej.. Men han har mer än fullt upp med att planera helgen.. Och jag har fullt upp med att styra upp annat för att klara mej i helgen.


Men.. Det är väl som vanligt.. Planera planera planera.. Och så gör vi något HELT annat.. Och det blir skitbra ändå =)


Sen en annan sak.. Lite lite trist är det att vara på Gatebil och inte köra bana själv för första gången..

Även om jag INTE hade bytt ut att köra Malmö-Mantorp i en stötig, Hård racebil istället för att glida i Lexusen..


Och.. Jag har ju faktiskt sagt dom senaste åren.. Att det är MYCKET roligare att vara på Gatebil som åskådare än att bara leka på banan.. Faktiskt..

Oavsett hur mycket jag ÄLSKAR att köra bana.. Jaga tid.. Drifta.. Busa.. bara leka..


Så är det SÅ mycket man går miste om när an bara sitter i bilen eller i depån..


Och det är JUST pga detta som vi startade hela Superior Media..

För att visa alla som kör.. Som är där.. Som festar.. Som inte är där.. Vad dom missar på alla höll och kanter på detta event.


För oavsett hur aktiv du än är på Gatebil.. Så hinner du ändå bara se 1/3 vill jag påstå. Om ens det!



Så.. Som svar på frågan..

”Är du laddad inför helgen?”



Nej.. För att Gatebil är min semester..

Gatebil är det som jag ser fram emot hela åren.. Gatebil är sommar..

Gatebil är där man vilar ut.. Njuter.. Lever livet.


Så till fråga nr 2.. Som kom ifrån Micke

”Hur har du planerat inför helgen”


Jadu.. Inte ett skit..

Jag ska njuta.. Vara så social jag bara hinner med och försöka ta igen all kvalitetstid som vi har fått sätta åt sidan det senaste året.


Jag ska försöka se så mycket som möjligt.. Och förmedla så mycket som möjligt till er.

Ska jag inte stå framför kameran så ska jag ha en kamera i handen.



Så.. I år.. Leta upp mej.. Kom fram.. Ge mej en kram.

Ta en jävla massa bilder på allt möjligt så lägger vi upp det på facebook sen och taggar allt vi bara kan.

Och som jag sa innan. Ni som använder Instagram. tagga #SuperiorMedia på era bilder.


Så.. Har jag mycket att göra i helgen?

Oh ja..


Har Micke planera in mycket under helgen?

Mer än någonsin.


Vad ska vi göra i helgen?



Vad ska vi mest rikta in oss på?

Ha kul!!



Vi ses där…



VIDEO: Gatebil Våler 2012 – by new recruit Daniel ”O’snap” Hovdahl

13 juni 2012, 20:18

I guess its time to make it more then just common knowledge; but we have recruited another very talented guy to our SUPERIOR MEDIA video division- welcome aboard Daniel ”O’SNAP” Hovdahl from Heggedal, Norway!

This has been a careful selection process, and although we have many friends who are contributing in one way or another; this is a commitment we make with Daniel to be a longterm resource for our different projects.

You already saw a little preview of what our collaborations will be all about- in the Kenneth ”Kenny” Moen Supra shakedown movie a few weeks back. Daniel was also supported by friend and SUPERIOR SELECTED prospect HENRIK OULIE in that clip.

Nevermind, as we will let the work we do speak for itself. The general theme of this little gem is sun, smoke and subtle cool (yes, you could use a ”the three S’s cliché to summarize).

GATEBIL events never fail to put on a show, and the early birds in Norway were at it right away mercilessly slaying their tires.

Among many that featured, we can mention names like Kenneth Alm, Team Yellow, Fredrik Öksnevad, Öivind Översveen, Kenneth Groth and Team Japan Auto among many many maniacs- enjoy the clip:

We appreciate you ”sharing” the clip if you enjoyed it, and as usual follow the ”behind the scenes” of everything we do at SUPERIOR FACEBOOK!

…one final ”welcome aboard” for the new guy Daniel as we also encourage you to check out his own FB-PAGE O’SNAP!


DESKTOP: Superior Drift ”media day” & shakedown preview – by Martin ”” Persson

12 juni 2012, 20:44

After a long silence, we will give you quite a treat to forgive us as we give our SUPERIOR SELECTED guru photographer Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson the honors of releasing the first official photo of Superior Drift 2012! We spent almost 24 hours a few

sundays back shooting three of the official team cars, and also had some track time testing them out. But info about that is coming at a later stage (we love saying that these days) and we focus on this gorgeous sample Martin was kind enough to release if you promised you would LIKE HIS FACEBOOK PAGE and continue to support him. Not too much to ask, but we’ll still leave it to you if its worth the effort if you really like the pic: Martins own comments on this specific setting were that the environment was a pleasant surprise in the dwindling light of dusk: ”I didnt have the occasion to prepare much before (which is something you have to be used to as a photographer), but seeing the temple with its surrounding area- I just felt it was the best place symmetrically with many contrasting textures. Having the morning light available for the threesome was a real blessing. Very satisfied with the result!”

– Martin ”BILBILDER” Persson

We are very happy to bring you this desktop sized picture free from any watermarks (I guess the message of the pics is still kept quite clear). If you do want to ”share” it, we would be extremely happy if you linked to SUPERIOR FACEBOOK and also BILBILDER FACEBOOK. Thanks in advance!

VIDEO: More then a few years in the making; Martin ”Gzon” Gustavssons three rotor 20B Mazda RX-7 started!

There are many sentimental conclusions and interesting facts behind this simple start-up video. The two most important ones to save you the trouble of too much reading is:

1. Sourcing this engine from Japan indirectly meant planting the seed for Superior Imports AB. I did it as a personal favor to ”some dude I knew was hella-good at the FD3S RX-7, so he could help me out; and thats how it basically went from there.

2. ”All good things take time” as this personal labour of Superior Workshop Katrineholm chief Martin ”Gzon” Gustavsson has been an on/off project for sooo many years. Cant even start to think about how many its been now?!

You’ve seen some teasers in OUR FACEBOOK PAGE about it, standing in the Katrineholm Workshop; and Iam sure skeptics have been wondering why we haven’t seen more of it.

All good things take time…


Some see the many inspiring builds of Japanese tuning companies like RE-Amemiya running RX-7’s with this unique engine, and think its ”your basic engine swap”.

Being a witness to this entire process, I can tell you its definitely not.

I don’t think spec sheets will explain how much fabricating, electrical work and research it really takes. But if you want to have a go anyway, take a look HERE at Martins own profile at GARAGET.ORG.

This is still at the earliest possible stage, and a new turbine kit tailor-made for the stock FD3S gearbox to handle is coming up. General goal for this season…?

Just enjoy that unique sound, as Iam sure we will have the pleasure of sharing as soon as the block has been run in properly and some tuning to the Haltech ECU is done.

Detta är Superior Imports

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(SÅLD!) Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi 2003 Facelift (4-dörrars Supra)

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