GALLERY: Part II with mixed pictures from Tokyo Auto Salon 2012!

Our coverage together with REVOLT-IS (CLICK!) on the Tokyo Auto Salon continues, and we have a mixed batch of pictures coming with something for everyone.

Later during the day we got two smaller galleries of the different Nissan GT-R and Toyota AE86 / Subaru BRZ cars being exhibited.

Looking through the photographs taken by REVOLT-IS site owner Seiji, I see this years crop of exhibited cars is much better then last years expo.

But you still gotto wonder if it might be time to ”re-invent” some of the styles that have dominated the tuning-industry for a while, like this RX-8 IMO does well:

Not saying this style brings us something new, its just a fresh mix of many current trends such as ”satin finish” paintjob, modern ”diffuser-type” rear and interesting details with the Lexus IS-F exhausts.

Dont forget the fog/brakelights as well which really set this RX-8 off, just something about the final result which feels ”quality” for me?

Furtherly looking at builds which fall into my taste, we got the Honda CR-Z Mugen concept that can also get a vote for being one that really stands out:

Should you force the issue, a good example of how time flies and cars that just a few years ago (even in Sweden) would be considered hot; feel sort of old and out of place.

This Mazda RX-7 by Scoot is such a car, even if we can’t hold much against it since its powered by a quad-rotor engine:

Speaking of rotaries, Mr. Ishikawa was kind enough to zoom by the RE-Amemiya stand and catch a quick video on what they had to offer.

Its mostly the Porsche influenced kits they have sold for over a decade, but in the final seconds- you get a close up of their (spacy?!) NA-powered concept car:

All the videoclips and plenty of pics between blogposts can be found on OUR FACEBOOK (CLICK!) and naturally the REVOLT-IS group, although Seiji and his crew are keeping busy during the days.

So enjoy the below gallery, feel free to comment if you have any favourites!

Keep an eye out here as later tonight we prepare a Nissan GT-R gallery, and a while after that a small special on all the new ”AE86” being shown. Enjoy!