SUMMARY 2011: The chronicles of Martin P – ”” (Part 2 of 2)

30 januari 2012, 17:06

Time to get excited again!

Its one of the last parts of our extraordinary SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHERS SUMMARY 2011, with Martin BILBILDER.SE Perssons final part of his own favorite pics!

Wont won’t get much better material then this, and we encourage you to click your way around the supplied links to see the entire shoots etc.

Martin has a habit of making plenty of magical pics worth exploring a little extra. At the same time we feel its worth to check out these two categories in the Superior-Blog:

1. The SUPERIOR SELECTED part of the homepage, where you kind find all galleries from the season from all guys in the team!

2. SUMMARY 2011 PAGE (CLICK!) Another reminder great talents like David Johansson, Christoffer Talvis, Rani Giliana, Ronny Thomasson and Hjalmar Van Hoek have already gotten their summaries posted. Check it out!

– – – – –

5/8 Cimmys Mazda RX-7RX-7 Series-8:

A visit to Superior homegrounds and Micke. Thought I might do a session while I was in town and this tricked out RX-7 was a pleasant surprise.

(You can find the WHOLE GALLERY HERE!)

20/8 Ferrari Racing days, Ring Knutstorp:

The Superior Media Madness Motor Events Weekend (S.M.M.M.E.W, yes I just made it up). Three events in two days in two different parts of sweden. We made it!

We kicked the weekend off with Ferrari/Maserati Racing days at Ring Knutstorp. This 599 XX was probably the most insane engine sound this year, incredible and insanely loud! I think there will be a clip of this sooner on the Superior Blog…

(Read more and find the other galleries from this EVENT HERE!)

21/8 JDM Faceoff Mantorp Park+Sessions:

Second JDM Faceoff this year. The whole team was rather lazy this day after the early morning/long drive. It was a long and warm day but I managed to do 4 minisession apart from coverage from the track while we were there.

(Read full results of the Time Attack battle and a few other SELECTED GALLERIES HERE!)

28/8 Aston Martin DB9 Volante:

Another loaner. This time for driving my newly wed friends in the backseat. Quick snapshot before returning it to the owner. The DBS is a much better drive in my opinion, I don’t like the bodyroll of the cabriolet.

1/9 Ferrari 430 F1

Dejan Sokolovski was in town and we decided to try to do a little shoot. I made a phonecall and picked up this beutiful white 430.

15-17/9 Frankfurt IAA:

If you told me in the beginning of the year that I was going to be on Frankfurt IAA with Superior Media I probably wouldn’t believe it, but that was the case. Its a interesting journey to see where the photography takes me next. To me there was 3 cars that I could take home and put in my garage straight away and it was these three. The Lambo stand was quite memorable to, Viva Italia!

(Find e v e r y t h i n g from FRANKFURT IAA 2011 including videos, galleries and blogging HERE!)

October – Banzai 240Z:

The car I shot during the Stance Nation meet hit the stands as a cover on Banzai magazine. JDM build of the year if you ask me.

(This 240Z owned by Erik Jonasson was our SELECTED JDM-CAR OF THE YEAR, CLICK for the feature article from us!)

1/10 BMW 1M:

My friend got his new car after a long wait, we did a quick shoot of it before Frankfurt, but decided to give it a new go when fall came. I’m really happy with the outcome of this shot, I think its probably whats closest to wait I aim for in my pictures. It was also permiere for my new logo.

2/10 Range Rover Evoque:

My friend Fabian at the local Land Rover/Jaguar dealership gave me a call because he had this car home for the weekend. I was pumped with inspiration after the shoot of the 1M the day before and was really satisfied this time also.

22/10 Nissan Skyline DR30 RS Turbo:

Micke from Superior Imports did his tour in south of Sweden with his newest demo-car a olden goldie Skyline. It was a good day of shooting and a great night out. Unfortunately this is the only picture I can show you, for reasons I can’t tell you. Super secret!

13/11Range Rover Evoque:

An early morning with Fabian again. This time with a Evoque Coupe in my favorite color! We visited Malmö, basically because its a bigger town with nicer urban locations to contrast with the grey Evoque in the forest. After we were done we went by Lexus to check out the LFA passing by on a tour through Sweden.

Early autumn, Lexus LF-A Swedish exclusive:

(Full gallery and a write-up by guest-blogger SIR_PIERRE is RIGHT HERE *CLICK!*)

10/12 XKRS+XFR:

Me and Fabian planned one more session to make this year go out with a boom. I’ve never made a session so late in december before, because we usually have a lot of snow by then. Fabian didn’t think it was enough with a 550 hp blue bomb in december, so he suggested we’d take it on a trip to Copenhagen.

Since I’ve been thinking about this but not doing it the last few years it was another nobrainer.. And as if that wasn’t enough, we threw in a red XFR aswell. The rest of the result, well check it out here:

– – – – –

So that sums up my year of ” Lots of Supercars, Events and some JDM”. I don’t think I left anything out besides a few weekend joyrides (R8, ZR-1, 997TT) that I rather drove then shoot..

Really looking forward to let the camera rest for a couple of months to regain inspiration and then come back with full power during spring. Who knows what next year has to offer?!

/ / Martin Persson @ BILBILDER.SE (Facebook)

– – – – –

Thank you dear sir, and I can pretty much confirm that the fortune-tellers are giving their three thumbs up on that this will be a season filled with fantastic galleries all around!

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Superior Media inleder samarbete med Land Racing- premiär i Mars!

27 januari 2012, 16:19

Inte alltför långt fram kommer vinterns hetaste (enda?) motorevent gå av stapel på Orsa Speedway när LANDRACING.SE anordnar SPEEDWEEKEND ON ICE 2012. Vi på Superior är stolta över att med våra mediatjänster framförallt backa upp detta extremt drivande gäng som har många bollar

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i luften när det gäller motorsport på gräsrotsnivå i Sverige. Vi hoppas samtidigt väva in våran ”kultur” av bilhobbyn i deras arrangemang, och knyter givetvis också till oss en partner som ger hela ”familjen” som har med Superiors varumärke att göra ett ännu större utbud av kvalitativa events vi alla kan vara med på! Redan i början av vintern satte vi oss ner för att se hur vi kunde hjälpa varandra, och under SPEEDWEEKEND ON ICE som går av stapeln 9 – 11 Mars kommer vi få se de första proven av detta. Förutom att på våran sedvanliga bevakning av eventet och sprida budskapet med hjälp av blogg/sociala medier; kommer de som anmält sig få unika tillfällen att få hjälp med högkvalitativ media av deras deltagande. Vi kommer ha en stor styrka på plats som tillsammans med Quantic Productions som även han faller in som en ny partner grejar att detta event kommer förevigas på många olika sätt: Mycket mer nyheter kommer inom kort, ni som redan anmält er till detta unika motorevent som utspelar sig 100% på is och som redan lockat till sig en enorm mängd uppmärksamhet; ni kan förvänta er att vi kommer gå ut med våra erbjudanden snart. Ta så länge en titt på våra produktioner PÅ VÅRAN VIMEO från 2010 och framåt så ni vet vad ni har att förvänta er! Superior Media – Gatebil Festival @ Mantorp Park 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo. Stort tack till Joakim ”G-son” Gustafsson som inledde dialogen med oss, och till ”Bossen” Glen Ocklund som verkligen övertygat oss om att LANDRACING är helrätt partner att prova bryta ny mark inom media för bilentusiaster med. (Alla ni som vill vara med och om du är en del i Superior-familjen så kan du KONTAKTA OSS med frågor!)

SUMMARY 2011: Part II of JalleGraphics best work of the past year!

24 januari 2012, 14:21

Its been a different kind of ”busy as hell” ever since we struck 2012, but now its time for some unfinished business where the core of the team get their honorable mention.

The SUMMARY 2011 (CLICK!) shows what each SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER had as their favorite moments/pics, and a few personal blogging at that.

Today we are closing the year for Hjalmar Van Hoek who himself has a lot of new things to think about in the coming future. Just after the new year he got the great news that he is to become a father; and we congratulate and wish him the best with that. A big part of life indeed!

But for now we’ll show you his of selected work and let you enjoy the pictures as much as you like. Be sure to visit JALLEGRAPHICS FACEBOOK and press ”Like” if you appreciate them!

– – – – –


In June it was time for Gatebil @ Mantorp Park. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay the whole weekend but I still had a great time out, photographing and filming a lot. I Can edit that I never have filmed before so if you see some shots passing by in the Gatebil movie that are bouncing, you can blame me and my filming skills.

It was also the first time for me to be out on the track and doing some photographing. Can’t say much about it but nothing beats photographing in the middle of a circuit while you’re being surrounded by flaming and smoking cars. The sound is just mind taking!

Skyline R34 GT-R Photoshoot:

As I wrote earlier a friend of mine visiting the Wanganmeet does own a JDM car. In fact, he owns one off my personal dream cars, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. I got some new gear for 2011 to get better use of my flashes so here are some of the photos taken for him. They helped a lot but there’s still quite some time in Photoshop behind every photo.

Mitsubishi Evolution X Photoshoot:

As time the season progressed I got more jobs, including this Mitsubishi Evolution X. The customer always wanted to have one of his cars shot on this location, and so we did. It might not have been the best location for this particular car, but at the time I thought it would turn out good anyway. Here are the shots.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Photoshoot:

Toyota Aristo Vertex V300 Photoshoot:

It’s time for an exclusive. Photos which have never been shown before, well you might have seen a few of them. I the autumn we headed out with Mickes Toyota Aristo. We were trying to get the “special” autumn feel to them by placing the car under some green/yellowish trees.

Here are some off the final images of that afternoon on that location.


We finish of with the Superior Meet. Micke and company set up a whole day for all Superior Drivers Club members and anybody who loves cars. I met up with Micke at his place to head of to the headquarters in Katrineholm. I got the honor driving his Aristo.

When I got there I cracked on with a photo session right away. One of the Superior Drivers Club members wanted some photos taken of his Subaru Forester. After passing by some interesting places on the way to the headquarters I found a good location. Just a two minute drive from the garage.

And now some random shots from the event. Starting of with some fine Rx-7’s.

Mr. David Johansson @ SUPERIOR MEDIA in action:

The world does look a bit better with some smoke………… from the tires (Thompa W)!

As Micke has written in a blog earlier a fine young man called Alex wanted to buy his dream car and got in touch with Micke about importing his car. You can read the whole story here.

He picked up his widebody RX-7 at the Superior Meet and I just got blown away. It was such a nice bodykit on the car. We; Rani Gilliani, Christoffer Talvis and myself, decided to take some photos of Alex’s new ride. We all took a bunch of photos and this is the one I’m most pleased with.

In all the excitement I totally forget or didn’t take the time to eat, although it looked so delicious.

Last but not least I shot some photos for Micke himself. As you all know he bought a Nissan Skyline DR30 from the stone age, sorry Micke just had to mention it 😉 But it really has the old school look and can’t say I don’t like it. However I can’t show you too much but this photo has been uploaded a while back. The rest of the set will be up very soon!
To sum up 2011
I always try to keep on improving my skills behind the camera, as well as the post processing. This year has been a good year for me personally and business wise. I got new connections, new friends and most of all more experience. For every photo session I did I got feeling that I was on to the right path. Next year isn’t going to be much different. I’m going to raise the bar a bit higher for myself!
I Wish you all the best for 2012 and let it be a year filled with awesome events!
Best regards,
//Hjalmar van Hoek – JALLEGRAPHICS (FACEBOOK).

– – – – –

An excellent write-up and plenty of pics too. We once again wish Hjalmar the best in his coming adventures in life, and hope for steady contributions though 2012 as well. Always room for a guy as friendly, professional and skilled as he is.

You can follow OUR FACEBOOK where there will be pics taken by Hjalmar posted all day long. Feel free to ”share” them as well, and if you are in a really good mood ”Like” Hjalmars own FACEBOOK PAGE

Thats all, tomorrow there is another member of the SUPERIOR SELECTED that gets thrown into the mix and gets his year reviewed!

Sheltering Daniel ”The Norwegian kid” Hovdahl (O’Snap) for the weekend…

21 januari 2012, 10:41

The Superior universe is growing, and this weekend we have another prospect for media partnership flown in here from Norway: Daniel ”The Norwegian kid” Hovdahl who nowadays publishes all his media at his Facebook-group O’SNAP (CLICK!). He is most known for most of his video productions of different events (Gatebil anyone?) although his PORTFOLIO ON VIMEO has a fun mix of other stuff too.

Seeing how we are going to be ever more present in Norway this season, we had a lot in common to discuss. He’ll also get to meet some other friends within the Superior-family and upcoming partners. So its an exciting weekend for everyone involved!

Kenneth Groth Drifting from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo.

He told me the last scene of this clip is something worth watching a bit closer. Funny how the moments either go wrong or incredibly close are those that are the most entertaining. Its a thin line, and media guys proudly push it again & again. 😉

A lot more guests coming in today, we will share some occasional pics of the day ON OUR FACEBOOK– so ”Like” us there if you haven’t already! 

Helgens planer & möten, dags att öppna på locket lite…

20 januari 2012, 11:59

Sedan 2012 började så har det blivit mer och mer tid som går åt till att sitta i telefon, skriva långa mail och bara försöka att hålla koll på all ”trafik” som sker. Blir väldigt mycket dubbeljobb när man ska logga allt slaviskt och sedan mer än en gång utvärdera det, men vi tar hellre det säkra före det osäkra än att en massa roliga bollar i luften bara försvinner puts väck- eller rasar ner till marken. Däremot närmar vi oss en punkt där vi kommer spika en marknadsplan för alla projekt, välja vilka nya satsningar som ska prioriteras- och sedermera jobba hårt mot att följa en kalender stenhårt utan kompromisser (men ja, ni vet cialis com 4 comprimidos hur det brukar sluta). 😉 Denna helg sker en serie möten här på Superior-kontoret i Södertälje, och många fler står på tur. Helgerna är verkligen då man jobbar som hårdast, och det är läskigt hur snabbt de äts upp framöver. Men för att hålla oss till vad som sker denna helg och detaljer vi kan gå ut med som avslöjar en hel del annat; lets do it: –Daniel realviagraforsale-rxonline Hovdahl från Norge kikar över för att diskutera eventuella samarbeten under kommande säsong. Vi har dialog med flera personer i vårat västra grannland, och givetvis är det Gatebil Events som är största prion- men även en liten joker som SUPRA CLUB SWEDEN har på gång. Daniel är en riktigt begåvad ung kille, och vi glädjs åt att ”bolla ideer” främst inom media med honom denna vända. Nedan har ni ett av hans verk, ”gillar”! AwesomeFest was Awesome from Daniel Hovdahl on Vimeo. -På tal om SUPRA scary movie 4 viagra CLUB SWEDEN så har vi gått in för ännu ett år som sponsorer för denna ypperliga bilklubb som gjort så otroligt mycket för bl.a. Time Attack här i Sverige. I år har målen sats högre än någonsin och intresset är på topp, så givetvis kommer vi göra allt för att spread the word. Dessutom har vi en del fina erbjudanden exklusivt för medlemmar ur klubben på riktigt fina delar till Supra (kommer finnas för alla ur Superior Drivers Club 2011 också canada pharmacy books inom kort)! -Några som också kommer på besök är stora delar av vårt kommande Drifting Team. Vi får se hur mycket vi redan nu kan gå ut med, men det känns lite poänglöst då det jobbas hårt i garaget och inför att spika schema/events; så kanske kommer avvakta där en bit till. Vi ska försöka komma ännu längre i roliga frågor såsom enhetlighet/dekor på bilarna samt välja heliga datum alla kommer vara samlade på. -Även en annan gäst som är ett stort namn inom racing-sverige kommer på besök för att ”sitta och lyssna av läget” lite. Vi har många språk vi båda talar på, och intresset för drifting är ett av dom- men även en hel del av det nytänk medialt vi tänkt införa denna cialis coupons säsong i bilentusiast-Skandinavien. -På en betydligt mer personlig nivå, så har jag bestämt mig för att ta bättre hand om mig själv för att orka styra detta storslagna skepp där vi vill få med alla godhjärtade entusiaster på en riktigt spännande resa. Träffar därför en personlig tränare på söndag, och säger man något sådant pretentiöst så är pressen redan på en att prestera. Jag hoppas detta inte läses som ”ännu en klyscha”; men ta hand om er själva på sådana enkla bitar som fysiskt välbefinnande, god sömn och unna sig leva. Hela livsstilen kring Superior ska kretsa kring att ha kul och må bra, så därför är det väl bara föregå med gott exempel där… 😉 Det får duga just nu, och eftersom vi dessutom kommer ha duktiga fotografer cialis once daily onset of action på plats så kanske en resumé över hur det gick kommer också. Önskar alla en jättetrevlig helg, och FÖLJ OSS PÅ FACEBOOK för spontana korta inlägg då och då!  

GALLERY: Detroit Motorshow 2012 – Acura / Honda NSX + Lexus LF-LC!

Martin BILBILDER.SE Persson did a summary of the Detroit Motorshow 2012 a while ago, and its been caught in the traffic from the TOKYO AUTO SALON 2012. But for the real petrol heads out there, Iam sure you will enjoy a gallery and brief summary of this event as well- to keep you up to date at least!

The biggest notable presented cars were the two Japanese concepts that had the whole world talking: Acura NSX and Lexus LF-LC. So thats where we’ll put out main focus this time around. Big thanks to Martin for making this an easy read for us all. Enjoy!

– – – – –

(Pics from our network for the automotive world press, thank you!)

Chevrolet brought two new concepts to the show.

The first one is the Chevrolet Code 130R. Turbocharged engine featuring ”eAssist” (start/stop tech + brake energy reca pture) brings Chevy up to date.

At the first glance we sure can see some resemblense to a BMW 1-serie coupe crossing with a Camaro!

Something more unique and a bit cooler (according to us) is the Chevrolet Tru 140S

This is aimed two buyers under 30 year and features FWD with a 1,4L turbo engine, 4 seats, coupe-like aestetichs and a pricetag below $20K.

Hyundai unveiled a facelift of the Genesis and the oddbird Veloster.

The biggest change is seen at the front end at the Genesis. Under the hood the V6 now gives you 348 bhp.

The Veloster Turbo is obviously a lot beefier being a bit more masculine than the starting point. Now also featuring a 201 bhp engine.

Honda (Acura)

Ofcourse the biggest news here is the NSX Concept.

Still a mid-mounted Vtec V6, but adding Hybrid technology and dual clutch to the table.

Expected to go on sale in the next three years we can expect to see more concepts of the NSX before the final product is ready.

Honda also showed this gorgeuos ninth gen. Accord.

The downside? Us market only, out on sale late 2012.

Lexus showed the LF-LC Concept, a already well debated design.

2+2 sport coupe with lots of light weight materials and hybrid technology good for both driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The LF-LC also won the EyesOn Design Award for best concept car the Detroit motor show.

Some european cars was also shown, most of the with chopped roofs due to the oncoming season.

Mercedes showed their new SL with the controversial front. Not a instant ”like” but will it grow on us..?

The 991 Porsche convertible, still a sleek looking car, from the start.

We saw the MINI coupe at Frankfurt IAA and its lost its baseball cap shaped roof since then.

Ford payed their respect to Europe and Britain by applying a Aston Martin grille to the new Ford Fusion.

– – – – – 

Any relevant news in your opinion? It feels that sportier and edgy concepts are becoming more of a trend, and we desperately need something in between the Nissan GT-R and Lexus LFA in terms of price.

If you appreciated the short write-up and Martin Perssons own selections from this expo, go visit his FACEBOOK PAGE (CLICK!) and click ”Like”! 🙂

HKS, Wald, Cusco, Tein, Tomei, Defi & much more @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2012!

18 januari 2012, 12:17

If there is something about the Japanese sporscars that truly turns them into an addiction, its the amount of aftermarket products available. Brand like HKS, Wald, Cusco, Tein, Tomei, Defi and many more continue to offer everything you could ever desire for your car. And at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2012 (CLICK!) you can be damn certain they will display all their news.

This year has as already stated been a dramatic increase in quality for the expo overall, and you might see the beginning of a big surge for the tuning-industry altogether. With the news of the upcoming Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ and the Nissan GT-R being the undisputedly most impressive sportscar in the world (especially considering its price); its no wonder we get stalls packed with stuff like this one from Cusco:

Thats a lot of high quality coil-overs right there, and every brand you can think of had a similar line-up. Feels good to know that cheap chinese replicas haven’t killed the market, even though they should. At least not domestically in Japan…

Need new Defi meters? How about 20 (via REVOLT-IS):

So lets enjoy these two big galleries, and make sure you got your savings over winter and autumn ready to go. If we could carelessly take the opportunity to mention; that we can supply any parts directly from Japan for you (INQUIRIES HERE!).

Big thanks to Seiji Ishikawa for providing all pics and some video. You can visit his group by clicking the banner below!

European tuning winds blowing over Japan!

16 januari 2012, 02:28

A quick gallery of some more cars from the european market that have gone cosmopolitan and been embraced by the JDM tuning culture. We got everything from really clean Audi & BMW to some awkwardly tacky Lamborghinis. Thats the charm of the expo, some things way feel years ahead of their time- while some are just… W T F ! if I may use a commonly used expression! This Murcielago for example has to be

one of the worse when it comes to things that feel so incredibly out of place on a exotic like this. But gotto admire the balls of the owner if anything. Fact is, Lamborghini has a solid following over there, and tuning studios such as recently acclaimed Liberty Walk to their best keeping us guessing whats next: Dressing your cars up in questionably stylish but bold colors seems to be the ongoing trend over there. But going over to more conservative things, it seems BMW and Audi are definitely the brands leading the european charge over there. Especially the Bavarian car manufacturer whose long history and connection to motorsport seems to fit well in the Japanese taste. This build a perfect example of two cultures meeting and greeting: Just browse through the gallery and see if you can find a favorite and a villain, plenty to choose from thanks to Seiji @ REVOLT-IS who provided the pictures for us!

What do you think? Are the Japanese mastering this part of car culture as well, or still a little bit behind…?

Keep ’em coming: One more sweet mixed gallery from Tokyo Auto Salon (Part III)

15 januari 2012, 20:00

We’re going to keep it straightforward to you, as the amount of photos coming in from our friend Seiji @ REVOLT-IS from the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 are piling up! Here is Part III of the mixed pics, you can find the rest of them HERE and make sure yo

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check our FACEBOOK GROUP for even more info. But first some personal favorites from the bunch, we’ve always had a soft spot for proper performance; and that usually means lots of horsepower and no compromises in the aero/exterier. A perfect example, in fact one of the frontrunners of Time Attack in Japan; is The Scorch Nissan Silvia S15: This car needs no further explanation, its 800HP+ SR20DET engine and the ”no hostages taken” bodywork in all carbon explains very well why we all love the highly tuned JDM-scene so much. In fact, I might go so far as say that there is something about these Time Attack builds that a ”real” race car can’t mimic… There is a vid somewhere of this monster doing warm-up laps and blowing a rod-bearing. But its impressive how it manages to haul ass even though he was probably not pushing it at half the available boost. Another car I would think will be pretty insane is this turbo compound (two turbines, one charging the other) Nissan Skyline thats also been getting some attention. With out experience, its always twice as hard to get proper tuning when using two turbines- but the idea seems very logical at least. Lets hope they will work it out and get efficient power too: Also good to see and important underlining is that old school will never die in Japan. They are extremely proud of their heritage, and now that the western world realized there are some die-hard classics that stayed within the Japanese borders mostly- we might see a lot of crazy stuff popping up the next few years! This Toyota 2000GT in full race livery (as they were built for) is a bit of a holy graal and would cost a sweet 20 000 000 yen at least for a decent example, but its free dreaming about one…

No need taking the foot of the gas-pedal yet, got a few more galleries coming up from REVOLT-IS; and at the FACEBOOK even some quick videos. Domo arigato! Thanks for visiting!

We say ”welcome” to the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ @ Tokyo Auto Salon!

15 januari 2012, 04:44

Fresh out of factory, the two new stars of the tuning industry are Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. There was no time wasted as we already saw some examples of accesiories being ready for the big market on display at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.

A lot of effort has been put into not just making these two rear-wheel drive cars the most fun you can have with a modern (affordable) sportscar; the whole strategy of ”re-inventing” the tuning-industry is also more then just an understatement.

That means that we will se plenty of bodykits, bolt-on performance parts and such to both the models. Naturally, everyone will jump on the band-wagon and some will probably indeed find new life to their businesses while others will fail and miss out:



Some other big news which Seiji @ REVOLT-IS who is our partner on location at the expo; was that HKS are returning to the D1 circus with a Toyota GT86 driven by no other then ”Nob” Taniguchi.

Surely makes up for the loss the series suffered when Ken Gushi left for Formula Drift to drive the very same car. How do you like the livery of the HKS car, basically the same as most of their democars in the 90’s:

Video of exhibition:


Pretty raw stuff, but gotto see and hear a lot more in quality material before we pass judgement of this car. One thing is for sure, everyone that has test-driven one have been raving about how fun it is to drive- just have to hope the pricetag will be easy to swallow…!

Got a lot more coming from the Tokyo Auto Salon as Shiji @ REVOLT-IS continues to run around trying to snap the very best cars. Be sure to check out their FACEBOOK, click the banner below to go there!

We’ll try and get another mixed gallery out during the day. In the meantime ”Like” OUR FACEBOOK to see a lot of random pics popping up throughout this sunday!

Nissan GT-R time! Bensopra and more from Tokyo Auto Salon 2012!

14 januari 2012, 11:43

The new Nissan GT-R (sadly, no longer called Skyline even in Japan) has been the adrenaline jolt the tuning-industry needed for a while. Thats pretty obvious, so equally predictable we have a plethora of them exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.

While the basics for tuning this fantastic and borderlinge boringly fast machine are out there; there is a game-changer on the field right now when it comes to exterior tuning- BENSOPRA.COM!

We already showed you a picture of GReddys own GT-R having a kit from this company, but the talk of the town was that there were supposed to be three of them on location. Well, here you have the third one:

As you can see, this is all about business and the way they do it- is by an abundance of performance. It will be an interesting season indeed at the different Time Attack events going down in Japan.

If Iam not mistaken there is nowdays even a Nissan GT-R only event; and that my friends surely has legen-dary written all over it…

But there is still love left for the BNR34 generation, actually the final true ”godzilla” as they’ve left the Skyline name for good (?). This below car is from Garage: Defend who have always been good at doing really mad aero for all generations of the legend:

Looking at the turbine shining brightly under that bonnet, I still believe it would give plenty of even highly tuned Nissan GT-R’s a run for their money. As a good example, our own BNR34 democar almost beat a P800 powered one in a Time Attack a while back:

JDM Face-Off Time Attack 2010 @ Mantorp Park from Superior Media on Vimeo.

But a lot has changed since then, and even the factory ones are scarily fast. Definately a dream car for anyone, and seeing the creme de la creme of them here at the Auto Salon does nothing to decrease the amount of daydreaming about owning one!

Another special ”Thank you” to our man on location; Mr. Seiji Ishikawa and his group REVOLT-IS.

Follow us ON FACEBOOK for more pics being randomly posted during the day. Got a gallery of Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ coming later tonight as well!

GALLERY: Part II with mixed pictures from Tokyo Auto Salon 2012!

14 januari 2012, 05:35

Our coverage together with REVOLT-IS (CLICK!) on the Tokyo Auto Salon continues, and we have a mixed batch of pictures coming with something for everyone.

Later during the day we got two smaller galleries of the different Nissan GT-R and Toyota AE86 / Subaru BRZ cars being exhibited.

Looking through the photographs taken by REVOLT-IS site owner Seiji, I see this years crop of exhibited cars is much better then last years expo.

But you still gotto wonder if it might be time to ”re-invent” some of the styles that have dominated the tuning-industry for a while, like this RX-8 IMO does well:

Not saying this style brings us something new, its just a fresh mix of many current trends such as ”satin finish” paintjob, modern ”diffuser-type” rear and interesting details with the Lexus IS-F exhausts.

Dont forget the fog/brakelights as well which really set this RX-8 off, just something about the final result which feels ”quality” for me?

Furtherly looking at builds which fall into my taste, we got the Honda CR-Z Mugen concept that can also get a vote for being one that really stands out:

Should you force the issue, a good example of how time flies and cars that just a few years ago (even in Sweden) would be considered hot; feel sort of old and out of place.

This Mazda RX-7 by Scoot is such a car, even if we can’t hold much against it since its powered by a quad-rotor engine:

Speaking of rotaries, Mr. Ishikawa was kind enough to zoom by the RE-Amemiya stand and catch a quick video on what they had to offer.

Its mostly the Porsche influenced kits they have sold for over a decade, but in the final seconds- you get a close up of their (spacy?!) NA-powered concept car:

All the videoclips and plenty of pics between blogposts can be found on OUR FACEBOOK (CLICK!) and naturally the REVOLT-IS group, although Seiji and his crew are keeping busy during the days.

So enjoy the below gallery, feel free to comment if you have any favourites!

Keep an eye out here as later tonight we prepare a Nissan GT-R gallery, and a while after that a small special on all the new ”AE86” being shown. Enjoy!

GALLERY: Fresh pictures and video from Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 (Part 1)

13 januari 2012, 05:49

We are off to a really good start when it comes to pictures and video from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 which opened for business/press just a very few hours ago.

On location we have Seiji @ REVOLT-IS who has been taking pics right from the get-go, and even managed to sneak in a few short videoclips (hosted on OUR FACEBOOK!).

Clearly, this is just like SEMA a while back focused a lot on the Nissan GT-R which has been the primary tuning base for most big brands. In this gallery you can see them all, from Top Secret, Trust / GReddy and there is now something new to fear in the Time Attack circus with a brand new ”Cyber GT-R”:

Since we all know the original ”Cyber EVO” was longtime trading first places with the HKS Evo VI for many years, we can only imagine what this beast will have to offer.

Concluding the whole GT-R talk we would like to share one of Seijis videoclips, where he gets up close to the Greddy x BenSopra widebody GT-R which will definately be one of the most talked about cars of the expo:

As you can clearly see, this cars motto must be ”no mercy” with its extreme forms to primarily do battle on the circuit. This season looks hot right from day 1 when it comes to Time Attack battles

We will continue the coverage on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE where all the short clips will be hosted as well.

Dont miss Seijis own REVOLT-IS group where he also puts out some on the fly photos covering the center of the JDM-world in one weekend!

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012! This is how Superiors coverage will look like:

12 januari 2012, 18:08

We’re back with a vengeance in the blog having secured some great coverage of the TOKYO AUTO SALON (TAS) 2012! The event starts tomorrow in Japan, only a few hours away- and already we have some inside scoops that will interest anyone interested in the tuning-scene over in Japan.

This is the event that definitely shows trends that are sometimes over a year ahead in the western world; so its always an exciting time whether you like drifting, Time Attack or just show cars!

– – – – –

Photos and blogging on location:

For most of our pictorial media and the hottest news/rumors coming directly on location we partnered up with Seiji Ishikawa who is a Japanese auto enthusiast running his own FACEBOOK PAGE: ”REVOLT-IS” (CLICK!).

He has deep knowledge of the scene and many friends in the industry, and we hope he will bring all our readers plenty of (mixed) good stuff from Makuhari Messe. In fact we already have a few inside news related to the D1 Drifting Circus that we will break as soon as they allow us to…

So come along and follow both the REVOLT-IS page and naturally the SUPERIOR FACEBOOK (CLICK!) so you know where to get the best from the expo in terms of quick, easy to bite snacks!

– – – – –

Video coverage:

We have a big surprise for you, we have one of the industries most talented filters on location shooting the whole weekend for a multitude of websites; and we are among one of them. With his material we hope to make a SUPERIOR MEDIA (CLICK!) production which is simple but right to the point. It will follow the same suit we did at the ELMIA EXPO here in Sweden last spring, so I hope you will enjoy it JDM-style!

Superior Media – Audi A4 Touched by GEIROS – People’s choice @ Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

This is still on a ”to be announced” level, but we are proud that our baby steps into the big world are getting more and more vibrant & full of life.

– – – – –

We’ll keep you posted, but ”Like” OUR FACEBOOK and bookmark THIS LINK to keep a steady eye on whats going on!

Volk AECROS “ECO Drive” Series

7 januari 2012, 03:21


Denna nya fälgen ifrån Volk heter AECROS, Och är en del av deras nya serie som heter ”ECO Drive”.


Ja det är inte så svårt att räkna ut vad dom är ute efter där.

Fälgarna är tänkta för miljövänliga ”sportbilar” som t.e.x Honda CR-Z.

Givetvis så är den en lätt fälg.. Och en lätt fälg ökar inte bara bilens prestanda på alla sätt och vis, Utan sänker även bränsleförbrukning.. Och är då alltså snällare mot miljön. (Jag måste vara så jävla miljövänlig =) )


Det är självklart en smidd fälg och vikten på denna rätt så snygga fälg ligger på 6.9 kilo för en 17×7 tummare.

Just nu finns fälgen bara i den storleken.


Den finns både i 4 och 5 bultad och dom vanliga 100 och 114.3 med ET +42/+50.


Nu är jag så bortskämd som vanligt så jag vill inte kalla detta för en JÄTTELÄTT fälg.

Men dom är inte heller så superdyra.


Den ska komma i två nyanser och en fälg kommer ligga på strax under 700 dollar.

Visst.. Bara smala 17 tummare visserligen..


Jag gillar dom.. Vill se dom som breeeeda 18 tummare =) Vore snyggt med splitt.. Men då blir det allt för mycket BBS/ Porsche stuk över det.



SUMMARY 2011: ”Young gun” Rani Giliana shows us his best work so far!

4 januari 2012, 11:18

Moving on with our SUMMARY 2011 which features our top SUPERIOR SELECTED photographers.

He is another personally gratifying success within the team; Rani ”RANISFOTO.SE” Giliana. His story of the year is another by appearance ”sugar-coated” one where loyalty and dedication pays off big time.

Since he is not a big talker, instead being a performer where his work does all the representation of his brand- he has left it to giving us some mixed galleries with brief comments to each. I will personally add my facts but still keeping it more about the pics more then anything!

As always, this is about giving the individuals that bring us quality media to us in first place. From here we really hope you will visit their personal sites, and Rani has his new FB-PAGE called RANI GILIANA AUTOMOTIVE (CLICK!) setup just recently; so go give your quick judgement and hopefully you will ”Like” it!

– – – – –

Rani jumped aboard the ship as one of the first handpicked guys ahead of the ELMIA 2011 EXPO, and was given a monumentally important task of being part of the core. Actually following us around 24/7 (which turned into something literal).

He really made a great first impression not just with the pics, but actually going through the whole mega-intense and sleepless weekend without any whining tendencies:

(Lots of sweet JDM-rides were being shown outside of the traditional US and show car stuff we are used to)

You can find a lot of the galleries Rani did at this expo HERE, he was flying around the place and truly provided that flexibility that we needed in our rookie debut covering an event in a qualitative way like this.

I can honestly laugh about a lot of the stuff we did here with limited resources, and pretty sure it will be a memory for life…

– – – – –

Next up there were some other shoots and events (you can find everything in the SUPERIOR SELECTED category in the blog), but Rani likes to focus on the blockbuster event of the year for arguably most of us: GATEBIL MANTORP 2011:

(The swedish star of the stance-scene in Sweden, Christoffer Geiros got snapped by Rani proudly displaying his brand new set of Work wheels.)

(Plenty of raw track day action at Gatebil events, with an unbeatable mix of car cultures.)
I don’t remember seeing much of him at the event, but we were all (as usual) being pushed to our limits of getting things done and gathering material for our galleries and videos. You can find all of the Gatebil Mantorp 2011 action HERE!
– – – – –
If you bothered to read about just some of the good attributes its easy to praise Rani for, he triumphed all logical sense of loyalty and dedication when it came to our surprise invite to the worlds biggest auto expo; FRANKFURT IAA MOTORSHOW.

Not only was he asked on short notice, it also meant doing some sacrifices in order to be there. You don’t just take a midweek trip to Frankfurt in random fashion; and yet again we were feeling pretty dumb and green as rookies in this level of auto events.

But even though most of the hard work he did has as it seems only been featured briefly here, he took some real killer photos which will be invaluable in our portfolio for years to come:

Not surprisingly, he also fell hopelessly in love with the Lamborghini stand which we returned to again, and again & again over the two days we attended the press days here.

We learnt many valuable lessons here and looking through the almost tiring amount of quality media (CHECK HERE!) produced, getting this far in the automotive media industry told us in the most brutal way; that we must be much more strategic for the upcoming season if we are to surpass the next level.

– – – – –

Final piece Rani chose for this post is the amount of sessions and SELECTED FEATURES he also did over the summer and finally on our very own SUPERIOR MEET 2011.

Already haven been given a lot of praise, its also none the less important to mention that these shoots; and getting photos for several of our CARS FOR SALE were top notch.

(Our former demo car now in the hands of Emil Svensson from Finspång; available FOR SALE now!)

(Our IMPORTING SERVICE gone full circle after 5 years of doing it as a pro, this old Nissan Skyline DR30 is easy to love…)

We still have a heavily delayed feature of a nice Nissan Silvia S15 coming out soon. There are some teasers in RANIS FB-PAGE so check it out if you like his shooting style.

– – – – –

Nothing more to add, Rani will have his work posted all day long at the SUPERIOR FACEBOOK-PAGE so I guess I will see you there!

Don’t be shy to post some comments below to show your appreciation as well!

Första kontorsdagen i 2012 och spontana tankar…

2 januari 2012, 10:20

Det är dags att lägga en pinne i brasan. Gasa lite mer på gaspedalen. Ge hästen mer havre; och där tog mina (kassa) metaforer slut på en gång.

Kort och gott mina vänner och läsare, så är det dags för att börja titta framåt och knyta ihop säcken på det vi ägnat oss åt senaste åren.

Vi har inriktat oss på så mycket sedan starten 2007, att det nu kommer bli ett fem-års jubileum som är mer spännande än någonsin. Det finns otroligt mycket upparbetad potential, men även en hel del att välbehövligt prioritera bort för den stora bildens skull.

Vi hade en höst av förväntat svängrum som istället användes till att bygga mer potential inför året, så att nu konkret jobba vidare på alla de man pratat med *ingen nämnd ingen glömd* till att strömlinjeforma (= 2012 års favorit till ”word of the year”) allting är en utmaning i sig.

En sak som definitivt måste bli bättre är att vinna tillbaka den mer personliga delen av Superior. Det märker jag när jag själv slås av tanken att ett inlägg som detta var det ett bra tag sedan man skrev, eller iaf. att det inte skett speciellt ofta. Oftast bara i krystade kryptiska former.

Kommer nog göra en del av er besvikna när jag säger att många av projekten kommer hållas diskreta hela vägen fram tills lansering, men jag lovar att öppna upp lite mer här på kontoret och vilka miljöer/profiler man kommer stöta på under denna resterande vinter.

Måste varit en fascinerande och samtidigt tröttsam upplevelse för våra stammisar att se hur språk och ämnen vi bloggar om ibland kan vara galaxer ifrån varandra i jämnhet. Hur många saker kan vara rena guldkornen medan andra är otroliga sömnpiller.

Det är där jag hoppas de lojala läsarna förstått att vi provat oss fram en hel del, samtidigt som många projekt enbart genomförts för att bryta lite ny mark. Allt är tillslut sin egna lilla pusselbit, eller hjälp för att hjälpa oss strukturera en ”större” framtid; och det är där erat tålamod är det som räddar oss gång på gång. Men OK, för att ni ska få ut något konkret redan nu så listar jag härmed några av våra huvudsakliga areas of focus inför säsongen 2012:

  1. Ny site som verkligen tar vara på våra mediaresurser bättre.
  2. Stor närvaro i Drifting genom att samarbeta med de vi tror har mest att erbjuda sporten + mycket mer…
  3. …en minst lika stor satsning i Time Attack, som också verkar redo för att ”växa upp” tack vare några eldsjälar.
  4. Göra Superior till något för alla samtidigt som kärnan i familjen prioriteras än mer.
  5. Bredda utbudet av tjänster, delar och bilar till salu, göra den delen av verksamheten tydligare (= bl.a ny webshop).
  6. Spika vårat nätverk av Superior Workshops där alla har råd att tryggt lämna in sin bil —> tryggt ägande av JDM-sportbil.
  7. Få bort mig personligen som en stor flaskhals i det dagliga flödet, engagera mer folk i företags-strukturen.
  8. Se till att vi själva och alla omkring oss har j*kligt kul i allt som förknippas med normalt arbete! 🙂

Första dagen på kontoret 2012, se det som en inbjudan att hänga med på tåget som tagit fart sedan länge- men som nu  kvickt stannat till på en station där alla är välkomna ombord.

Har du stilla funderingar över någonting… provat att kommentera nedan eller skriva en rad på VÅR FACEBOOK? Kan ge oväntat resultat i respons! 😉

SUMMARY 2011: Video-time! David Johansson @ Superior Media (1 of 2)

1 januari 2012, 15:35

The thing that kickstarted this whole ”we can give the scene and our family/fans the media they deserve” was when I met David Johansson and he explained that apart from photographs, he could also make simple videoclips.

Fully in tune with our premium JDM-sportscars FOR SALE, I thought it was a good idea that each one got its own video- and David delivered those with huge success. Then, truth to be told- I ”sold” his services combined with a newly purchased GoPro camera from our friends RAIDOPOWER to cover the GATEBIL 2010 event; not even knowing if he could do such type of films…

And thats how the adventure started, David delivered and the movie made a lot of people wonder ”where the hell did that come from”? After that its been a long journey and hard work, as everything is done with funding from no special expense account other then far-fetched marketing- and at Davids (and my own as a supporting act) own free time.

So jumping into ELMIA 2011 and spending a hefty sum of money more to make it an even more serious commitment… thats a gamble. A gamble that paid of in spades as I have to believe none of the talented individuals who have joined theSUPERIOR SELECTED team would have done it without our (brief) background in videos.

Thank god for simply believing in someones talent, and then seeing the real domino effect from it!

I bring you the quiet man from the forrest-laden southeast parts of Swedens own words, letting us know how he dedicated hundreds of hours to entertain each one of us for a few minutes at a time; feels about the passing 2011 season:

– – – – –

Resumé 2011:

Jag fick i uppdrag av Micke att skriva om hur jag minns säsongen 2011. Skriva sånt här är inte min starkaste sidan men ska göra det bästa jag kan för att ge er min syn från mitt perspektiv på säsongen som varit.

Inför 2011 så hade vi gjort viktiga inköp gällande kamera utrustning för att underlätta arbetets gång och få bättre kvalité på både bild och ljud. Ny kamera, mikrofoner och ljudinspelare är några av sakerna som stod med på listan. Inför säsongen så byggde jag även en egen glidetrack och shoulder rig vilket visade sig vara ett riktigt bra val. Har haft mycket hjälp av båda sakerna.

22-25 April – Bilsport Custom & Performance Show:

Bilsport Custom & Performance Show i Jönköping, starten av vad som skulle bli den mest fullspäckade och fartfyllda säsongen hittills för Superior Media. Det blev fyra riktigt roliga och slitsamma dagar med ett gött superior gäng på plats.

(Editors comment: I doubt anyone slept more then 3 hours per night this weekend, it was crazy!)

Vi hade byggt upp våran egen lilla tv-studio där vi spelade in lite olika intervjuer osv sen hade jag min egen lilla hörna där jag hade datorn så ja kunde sitta å redigera på plats för att få ut så många filmer så snabbt som möjligt.

Det blev en hel del material från Bilsport Custom & Performance Show så redigering av det materialet upptog större delen av tiden de följande veckorna efter mässan. Och i dagens läge så finns det fortfarande material som inte blivit redigerat.

Den film som fått flest visningar är den feature som jag gjorde på Christoffer Geiros Audi A4 – 27936 visningar i skrivande stund.

Superior Media – Audi A4 Touched by GEIROS – People’s choice @ Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

28 Maj Wangan Meet III:

Efter Bilsport Custom & Performance Show så va det dags för Wangan Meet III i Helsingborg, eller mer exakt Hyllinge som ligger strax utanför Helsingborg. Just denna dagen så va vädret inte helt på vår sida, de va kallt och det blåste. Och på detta så va inspirationen för att filma inte på topp. Men jag gjorde mitt bästa för att få med så mycket som möjligt.


Det blev inte heller bättre av att det började regna och träffen avslutades och ”Karavanen” genom Helsingborg inleddes. Karavan vet ja inte om man kan kalla det, de va mer kaos. Men iaf, jag lyckades knåpa ihop en liten kort film från träffen som faktiskt har fått hela 20600 visningar vilket gör den till den tredje mest spelade av våra filmer på vimeo.

Superior Media – Wangan Meet III 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

4 Juni Realcars träff i Vinångåker:

Denna helg började inte bra. Punktering 20 mil hemmifrån och fortfarande 25mil kvar till Södertälje där vi skulle sova hos Micke. Vi försökte leta reda på ett nytt däck men det gick inget vidare. Inte lättaste att få tag på ett 195/45 R15 hos en däckhandlare. Så vi fick fortsätta linka fram på reservhjulet. I Vingåker så stod solen i topp och det va riktigt varmt. Helena fick gå runt med ett paraply över mig för jag inte skulle få solsting =).

Fick ihop lite material iaf och fick en trailer släppt, sen fanns det inte tid till mer för då va det dags för nästa evenemang.

Trailerr: Superior Media – Vingåkraträffen 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

17-19 Juni – Gatebil @ Mantorp Park:

Minnena från förra året sitter friskt i minnet och förväntningarna va höga inför detta evenemang som måste vara det bästa i Sverige. Stämningen är på topp, banan är fylld med brutala bilar som vars förare bara har ett läge, och det är fullt ös. Banan är nästintill fylld med däckrök hela dagen lång. Ni som varit på ett Gatebil evenemang vet vad jag pratar om.

Vädret va inte det stabilaste kommer ja ihåg, vi fick uppleva ösregn, hagel men även sol som tur var. Jag själv sprang runt som en galning hela fredagen och lördagen för att få med så mycket som möjligt på film. Och ja ska säga att det är fan inte lätt att täcka hela Mantorp Park helt själv :-).

Eller ja helt själv va man väl inte helt å hållet. Vi hade 2-3 st totalt under fredag och lördag som hjälpte till att filma med blandat resultat. Min älskade sambo Helena vad även med mig runt på området så mycket hon orkade med.

Mellan filmrundorna så landande man antingen i vårat Superior Camp eller i vårat pressrum för att fylla på batterierna.

Söndagen finns det inte mycket att skriva om. Det blev inte mkt med den dagen då vädret va helt kass, regn regn och åter regn.

Resultatet av allt slit blev en 13minuter lång film full med action.

Superior Media – Gatebil Festival @ Mantorp Park 2011 from Superior Media on Vimeo.

– – – – –

This is around halfway there in the year, and part II will include the rest of it. We appreciate any feedback on our FACEBOOK PAGE or if you comment below!

Have to give David a single person standing ovation for his work so far. A lot of the potential we’ve built up depends on his contributions. And I know for a fact we have material saved for many more movies before this season kicks in… 😎



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