SELECTED: Gatebil lifestyle and the outsides of the Rudskogen track!

24 september 2011, 06:38

Its always a pleasure to bring different parts of our passion, and added to that formula the different styles all our SUPERIOR SELECTED photographers have from eachother.

This time Ronny @ JAMedia (Like!) has got the decadent left-overs from the recent Gatebil Rudskogen event which was a few weeks back. We all know its a bit crazy both on and off the track of these events, and added the companionship and positive atmosphere between the racing- you get pictures like these quite easily…

(You almost get a ”Mad Max” feeling with these simple camps setup and everyone having their own unique and ”less is more” kind of solutions for the obligatory barbecue done after the trackdays are done.)

(No time for some fancy stuff here as you ”take what you got” to get mechanical work done. The big piles of rubble here and there is proof of that eventhough the track is a beast already, more work is added all the time. I dare to say this has the potential of being the best in all of Scandinavia when its done…)

(Among the most common things to see are endless amounts of worn out tires. There is only one mode to go on Gatebil, and that is flat out and with a lot of smoke; if you dont your just lost in the mix and nobody.)

(Norwegians are as fond of old school Euro performance cars as the rest of us are of similar JDM. The old Sierre Cosworth which was quite a monster back in the day with its large turbo from factory; is still going strong today.)

(Walking around the pit area you can bump into a ”monster on four wheels” all the time. This is TS-Racings Audi A3 which is among the fastest Gatebil Extreme cars event after event.)

(The guy in the middle is one of the most talented and brutal powerdrifters out there, you can get a clue that he drives a Supra and that there is another guy in this pic wearing his teams T-shirt. Name this sucka!)

(No, we are not ”selling out” and going to publish any more naughty pics then these, but you gotto be fair and hand it to the norwegians being totally free of shame to put on a show for all of us. Not that I really agree with it, but to each their own- and its been a tradition at Gatebil events for a long time so… enjoy all you boys full of hormones!)

(You need to click this one to really enjoy it, a beautiful panorama of a corner where a lot goes down all the time. Dont want to put you off by saluting Rudskogen track too much, but they have really done well in the rebuild of it…)

Keep those comments coming, we hope you like what you see here in the Superior-blog and we can thank talented photographers like Ronny to keep us happy and prosperous with galleries like this one…

One to go which is a 100% action filled track kind of one. Just how you like it I guess!

Today there is plenty more coming from FRANKFURT IAA 2011 as well, and no- I think there will never be an end of all the good stuff coming from that f’in huge expo… 😉

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